We’re a family run business with Owen and Charlie at the heart. Founded in 2003, after a long career in working in the corporate world Owen decided he would branch out and set up his own specialist communications consultancy, delivering support to businesses across Bucks, Berks and Oxon as well as the South of England. After 10 years of specialising in change management, they realised that their clients wanted support from a team that would take the time to understand a business and adapt to the client rather than try and deliver a formulaic approach as many of the large consultancies do.

We’re a communications consultancy with the ability to deliver many different types of communication solution internally and externally. We like to think that we can bring something different to your business, and we have our eyes wide open so you can understand how your marketing fits in your company and how you fit in your market.

  • We like to challenge you, so you make the right decisions for the long term.
  • We’re versatile. We have more than 150 years experience with our core team, so you know that you are getting the experience to guide you through your changes. Our core team has worked with some big names over the years, and if its worked for them, it’ll work for you.
  • We seek to develop long term relationships, and even if we work on a project basis, we will always keep in touch.
  • We’re healthy, and make sure you’re healthy too. We offer health checks on your marketing, so you’re up to date with the latest releases and trends.
  • We’re also a virtual business, that that means we’re always out and about doing things, plus we’re not tied down to large overheads, so you get better value for money.

As a business we work mainly in the South of England, specifically delivering the following;

In addition, we deliver consulting projects in London and the home counties working across most business sectors, in particular;

  • Professional Services
  • IT
  • Sport and leisure
  • Retail

How we work

Being a small consultancy, there are just over 20 of us in the team, we are extremely agile and work to deliver a service that meets the need of each client. We know that every person is different and every business is different. Our work is not based on a template approach it is personalised to every client, just as our marketing work is personalised to every client of yours.

All our work is marketing led, we are not a creative agency with a few added extras, out whole approach since we were established has been that for some businesses advertising might not be relevant, just as in other cases PR might not be right. We ensure that you have the right strategy and plans to deliver results, irrespective of which channels that includes. Our vastly experience team cover Strategy and planning, research, creative, digital, PR and media planning and buying. (links to relevant pages)


Thomas Sportthomas-sport
Developing people, managing teams and change management is often about understanding the skills of individuals and the team structure and re-positioning the way people work to get better results.

The change management process is becoming more scientific and to allow us to specifically measure teams and individuals as they evolve we are working with Thomas International, the leading global independent provider of psychometric assessments. Their systems allow us to assess team and individual traits at the outset of a program, identify the skill gaps and most importantly, give us a precise tool to assess the development of the individuals and team. Thomas international has a range of assessments that mean we are not confined to use a “best fit”, but rather the right tool for any project.

Clear Connectionsclear-connections
Thanks to consistent organic growth and a sensible approach towards mergers and acquisitions Clear Connections is a financially solid, multi faceted business that provides a full range of solutions in the IT space. Their solutions enable clients ranging from SMEs to major corporate as well as contact centers to avail of a wide range of individually tailored solutions, be they for specific requirements or an end to end communications solution, be they ground breaking or more conventional in nature.