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Ivor Middleton

Ivor Middleton is a Chartered Management Accountant with over twenty years’ experience supporting managing directors, boards and owners. His job is to

  • ensure adequate information for decision making;
  • to act as a sounding board;
  • to provide strategic guidance;
  • to question decisions as a critical friend;
  • to provide reassurance to external investors, lenders, clients and suppliers.

He likes hard work, is an unusually cool head in an emergency and enjoys getting to grips with complex situations.  These attributes makes him an ideal addition to your team, especially when providing an objective view of your organisation. He is a commercial animal who has seen a lot of ‘stuff’, making him useful to have around.

Working with Owen Hughes, they provide a unique team of advisors helping businesses establish a strong platform from which to deliver sustainable growth in all economic environments.

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