Industry Sectors We specialise in

Professional Services

Over the past fifteen years we have developed a considerable level of knowledge and experience across many industry sectors with the professional services sector being an area of specific expertise, delivering Business Development and Marketing advice for:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Surveyors

Our work also includes working with teams within the business to ensure their is staff engagement throughout and any changes in they way teams work are implemented.

Marketing Services

Often marketing agencies and other businesses in the sector feel that they should be able to deliver their own marketing and business development form existing resource, however, it is often the case that whatever the size of business a third party view is needed.

EWO works with agencies and related businesses to review and understand how they promote themselves and develop the right structure and campaigns to deliver sustainable growth. The services we work on are:

  • Re-positioning and messaging
  • CRM review and system implementation
  • Business Development
  • Staff Engagement programmes

In our experience there are a lot of businesses who suffer from the “Gardner’s garden” scenario, don’t let that be your business.


Through the past decade EWO has always had a CSR policy and has been active in working with charities. Through this approach to CSR we have been asked to consult with an increasing number of charities specifically to deliver:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • CRM strategy and implementation
  • Staff Engagement Programmes
  • GDPR reviews and database development
  • Corporate CSR support and development

There is something very satisfying in delivering projects for an organisation knowing that people will benefit from the work as opposed to have a purely commercial relationship. With our corporate background, combined with a growing knowledge of the third sector, we work with both Charities and Businesses to help them get the most from their CSR strategy and implementation.

We also work across a number of other sectors and to find out more about our services and the businesses we support across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the Thames Valley contact us.