Brexit – What do we need to do to combat the business effects?

Brexit – What do we need to do to combat the business effects? Like many people, I am getting fed up with all the talk about Brexit, once again we seem to be talking ourselves into a corner and many businesses are starting to see and feel the effects of this talk.

However, more and more companies I talk to are taking matters into their own hands and looking at how they can protect their business and be proactive in combating the effects of Brexit, whatever they may be.

One thing is certain, if a business is going to survive, it is essential that they maintain their profile to such an extent that their profile and awareness of the business is better than that of their rivals. In any market, it is important for prospective customers to not only know of a business, but to understand the reasons why they should be chosen and not a competitor. In a market that’s structure may change it is even more important that, before the changes come into effect, the profile of the business is at its highest level and the only way to achieve that is through marketing.

Whilst Brexit will not come into force until next year and we do not know what exactly will happen, it is now that businesses need to invest in their marketing to ensure that they are in the strongest position to weather any changes that do occur.

Marketing is not a quick fix, it takes time to build momentum and deliver results, so it needs to start now. Yes, we don’t know the exact details of Brexit yet and the messaging and campaign activity might have to change a little to reflect any such changes, but it is easier to change details of existing activity than starting from scratch. If a business waits till the Brexit deadline, or indeed till we have confirmation of the end goal, it may well be too late.

It is worth considering that if you are not promoting your business, you can be assured your competitors will be promoting theirs and they will be picking up new business and not you.

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