Business Confidence – it’s about being decisive.

Business Confidence – it’s about being decisive. Imagine a ship puts to sea without any destination confirmed and the crew continue to argue even once they have put to sea, it will then sail around aimlessly until it runs out of fuel and becomes stranded. Another ship sets sail at the same time with a destination port confirmed, but some of the crew don’t agree. They reach their initial destination then sail onto another destination that the remaining crew want to reach. The end result being that all crew members eventually achieve what they want.

A business is no different, in most circumstances, there will always be one or more people who don’t agree, it is very rare there is a unanimous view. However, just like the ship what most business leaders will accept is that if you don’t completely agree, it is better to make a decision and work towards a clear end goal. If no decision is made and an organisation goes from one route to another, no momentum can be built and no clear goal identified and worked towards.

There is one big ship that is going through this process at the moment, UK Plc. With all the media coverage of BREXIT at the moment it is hard to clarify what the key issues are and where we are headed. It seems to me that the crew of this ship need to accept that we might not all agree on the ultimate port from the outset, but as long as we get to the first port we can then work towards that ultimate goal together. If we fail to be decisive now we are not going to get to the first objective and will flounder and become stranded as a nation.

Make a decision, it may not be the perfect one, but the organisation does then have focus.

Let me know if you agree.