Business and Communications Audit

Businesses that adapt well are those that have a well thought through strategy. Creating such a strategy is hard work. Most businesses get by with a notion of a strategy, but a lack of time and knowledge to fully develop one.

We are here to plug that gap. This will make decisions easier to make with confidence.  You will be heading into the future with your eyes wide open and you and your team will be speaking the same language and going in the same direction.

We know that bringing in outsiders to help is difficult from a point of view of trust, credibility and expense. We recognise this and have created a “Strategy Jump Start”, an easy to digest, inexpensive mini strategic review that helps you to get the ball rolling. It provides much of the groundwork for a full strategy.

What is in the Strategy Jump Start? With you, we collate and analyse, pick and unpick:

• Ambitions and plans
• Capabilities
• Financial position
• Sales and Marketing assessment

Think of it as a mini strategy, created with experienced marketing and finance professionals.

The benefits to your business will be:

• You get the creation of a full strategy started
• Prioritise areas of strength and weakness to develop and build on
• Help to prevent short and mid-term issues
• Help improve efficiency and bottom line profit for your business.

Are you taking positive steps to ensure that your business can adapt?

Do you want to see how an ESG or Social Responsibilty strategy can help you drive business, find out more at CSR Accreditation.

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