As part of our support of charities we are also able to deliver a complete audit of the Charity Fundraising activity covering the services, delivered by our partner Emma-Louise Singh. For more information on Emma-Louise and her background, click here. The services include:

Charity Fundraising Audit:

The Fundraising Audit is a crucial element and cornerstone in developing a sustainable fundraising strategy. An Audit will help you to gain valuable insights into where your organisation is now, what is working and what is not and ultimately where your organization wants to be in the future.

Through a fundraising audit, I can provide your organization with a detailed review of any factors that are likely to impinge on your organisation’s ability to raise funds, taking into account both funds generated internally and externally. The Audit will help to identify key areas where your organisation should focus its fundraising efforts to deliver key wins both in the short-term and long-term.

Fundraising Strategy:

Informed by the fundraising audit, a fundraising strategy will set out how your organisation will implement and deliver its fundraising activities. Emma-Louise has vast experience in developing fundraising strategies for a wide range of charities, who have varying budgets to invest in fundraising and can help your organisation formulate what can realistically be achieved in fundraising revenue utilising your existing resources, as well as identifying new areas for growth opportunity.

On-going Support:

In addition to the audit, our specialist Emma-Louise can offer on-going support, helping to ignite your fundraising strategy and make it a reality by:

  • Offering practical hands-on support in all fundraising areas
  • advise on, and help build your dream fundraising team, getting the right skills and people on board to deliver transformational results.
  • Coffer coaching/ mentoring to existing fundraising teams to help them reach their full fundraising potential

To find out more about how we can help improve your fundraising contact us.