Employee Engagment

Employee Engagement is often taken for granted in business. Quotes like “we talk to our team all the time” or “of course they know what we are doing, we told them three months ago at the annual meeting” are common but this is not engagement. A team that is completely engaged with the business strategy and how it is going to deliver this will be more productive and deliver better results. To engage a team effectively the business needs to communicate with them regularly and get the team involved in developing the business and developing ideas on where to make change and how to implement this change.

Getting your team involved in the business does not have to all relate to business systems, sales, marketing, IT or any other function that is deems core to the business, it can involve other elements such as your CSR strategy. Areas that can initially seem to be secondary to the success of the business can in fact be very motivational for your team, have a look at the CSR work we do to understand more.

Internal Communications to deliver Employee Engagement

In today’s world of fast moving communications, it is important that your business effectively communicates both externally and internally.  Employees should all be living the brand, saying the right things and delivering a consistent message. Focusing your internal communications can make a big difference to your business.

By improving awareness and keeping all stakeholders informed, regardless of where or when they work, overall employee engagement and morale is increased. At EWO, we make sure that we understand your unique business needs and the key stakeholders involved. We develop the plans, engage the key people and make sure that you have the best processes to take forward.



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