Committing to team engagement.

Increasingly my work is related to helping businesses improve their communications and increase their productivity by Committing to team engagement. Most of this work can be attributed to communications, not just talking face to face, but all of the communications spectrum. Essential to the success of these programmes is the commitment and support from the senior team.

Every project needs a sponsor, someone in the business who does not just initiate the programme but will support it, promote it and be its main advocate from the start to finish. Working with medium size organisations where a project may be initially seen as important but as it moves forward, other pressures from the business will come to the fore and there is always a temptation to put the work on hold or cancel it completely.

Whilst I totally understand that in smaller organisations there are always changing priorities, it is important to understand the impact halting an engagement project will have on the staff. Often the reason for such a project will be because there are problems in the organisation and when this type of programme is initiated it can come as a welcome relief and “ray of light” to the team involved. If the project is then halted it will not just be frustrating but can also drive a further wedge between the staff and the management. Comments such as “another good idea down the drain” and “never trust the ideas from the management” can become common place.

My advice therefore for any organisation considering an engagement programme of any description is to first understand what the key issues are and once they have decided what the required solution is, commit to this and only initiate the programme if it can be followed through.

Starting a project and then cancelling it can often do more damage than not doing anything. The best outcome is to understand the issue, plan the solution and then see the programme through, you will often improve the team engagement by just committing to the project.

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