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I’ve just come back from a breakfast discussion all about connectivity. Now, before going to the meeting my thoughts were that it connectivity would be all focused around technology and how people were staying connected with each other and the different channels available such as email, social media, video calls etc.

Whilst technology was a key part of the discussion, a large element was around people and how they connected with each other. As someone who, as my son puts it, is older, you would not be surprised to hear me argue for face to face communications, it is what I have grown up with, but the surprising fact was the thoughts from the younger people at the meeting. It was they who focused on the need to develop personal relationships and not rely on technology to “be truly connected” to each other.

What everyone agreed on is the speed of change that is happening, both in the home and at work. With more businesses looking to recruit staff to deliver outcome-based work, some even suggested that we have seen the end of the 9-5 job and companies will recruit to deliver an outcome and how and when they do the work will be up to that individual. So, staying connected through technology becomes even more important.

But, at the heart of this subject is people. We have to accept that people do not necessarily adapt quickly, many are scared of change and the pace at which technology is driving that change. We need to recognise this issue and rather than force new process and technology onto people, engage them and work with them to ensure that they can continue to deliver their role and ultimately meet the objectives of the business.

Most people will adapt and change given time, but to achieve the real results, they need to see the benefits of the change. Being connected can and will mean using many different technological platforms, but it is about people and understanding them and what makes them deliver is key.

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