CRM in the third sector, what do I need to know?

A few weeks ago I wrote a short article about the main questions a business should address when considering a new CRM system for their business. On the back of this piece, I was asked to take part in a webinar for charities to explain how a charity should go about identifying the right system and the key issues they need to address when implementing a new system.

There are a number of differences in the needs of a charity to a business, mainly focused on the fact that they are dealing with donors and partners as opposed to customers and how you manage these relationships. There are also a number of legal differences that third sector specific systems will have built in, however, there are also many similarities in the approach needed.

NOVA Fundraising support smaller charities to help them maximise their fundraising, a subject that is even more important than normal in the current economic climate. A good CRM system can help this process and ensure that the lifetime value of donors is maximised.

Listen to the full webinar here.

NOVA run a series of webinars for charities that cover a wide range of issues and their next event on 13th October is on Corporates and how to get the most from a relationship with them. Use the link to register, there are always some gems to take away from these sessions. To find out more about how to identify the right CRM system for your organisation email me or call