CSR Monitoring made easy

CSR, ESG, Sustainability, three terms that we hear every day. In an ideal world, most businesses would like to be putting a structure in place that allows them to meet with the increasing demands from its prospective clients.

In some cases, this is now being demanded, either by legislation or by investors.

What is often challenging is implementing a structure that provides regular reporting and updates, allowing the business to monitor and see the value of the work that is being done.

The benefits can include reduced costs, due to environmentally friendly changes, increased staff retention and easier recruitment and increased turnover, a result of having won new business.

The monitoring of these programmes is becoming easier with new software platforms becoming available and one such platform is GiveBackcsr.com. The platform allows a business to monitor all CSR activity from the business and individuals within it and does this on a daily basis. There is also a dashboard available so daily reporting makes it easier to include in any company reporting.

The real benefit of this type of platform is the engagement it will generate from across your team and it is only when everyone in the team is involved that the real benefits will be seen by the business.

Contact me to find out more about GiveBackcsr.com or to find out what your business needs to do to implement a CSR strategy.