It’s all about the customer – not if you’re Apple.

It’s all about the customer – not if you’re Apple.

Apple recently launched a new laptop, nothing new there. On this laptop, Apple has once again reduced the number of ports to connect external devices, again nothing new there, but have they gone too far too quickly.

Part of me understands Apple’s drive to push the boundaries of technology and create ever cleaner design lines for their products, however, is this what customers want. At the end of the day, computers and technology equipment are all about improving communications and enabling people and businesses to do more. So if you then say to your customers we are taking away some of the functionality of our new device which is going to mean you can no longer use your other devices, is that reflecting the needs of your customers, arguably no?

Product developments should be about providing what customers want and then adding value by pushing the development a bit further. But if you are pushing the developments too far, you will end up excluding your customers and will not be delivering practical solutions for what they need.

In Apple’s case, they have, I am sure, been speaking to customers and as a result constantly develop their products. In many respects, Apple are creating the markets, but have they lost their focus and lost what the business is about, selling products to meet a need.

The speed in which technology develops now is frightening and I am sure there will come a time in the not too distant future where laptops have no ports and all connections are wireless, however that is not now. The cost implications for the average user will also be significant and there are not many individuals or businesses that will make that leap immediately, what they need to do is deliver the change gradually.

The majority of people do not like change but will adapt over time, so we all need to lead our customers down a new route steadily, this way they will be totally engaged and remain loyal for longer.

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