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Digital – Should you ignore other channels? A question I asked myself when trawling through my Monday emails and found my regular update from the CIM. Normally this is interesting and sometimes there is a real gem, but today one sentence grabbed my attention “Don’t forget the old ways”.

The sentence was part of an article on Dos and Don’ts of digital marketing, have a read of the full article here. The article in itself is very good, as you would expect from the CIM, however, I would take the meaning of this phrase further and suggest that you do no forget any “old ways” and not just email marketing.

Digital and the impact of GDPR

With GDPR only around the corner, marketers will need to be even more creative about how they not only contact prospects and customers initially, but how they stay in touch to build the relationship. One area that can be exploited slightly more is direct mail as the restrictions on postal mail are different from those to be applied to email.

One thing is for certain, we need to explore every channel that is available and one point that this article does make is “one size does not fit all”. Every person is different and will respond to different messages from different channels so building up your data on all contacts is paramount. This brings me to the final point that all organisations, no matter how large or small will need a CRM strategy at the heart of the business. This will control not only the marketing, but all communications with all contacts, customers, prospects, suppliers and partners alike and should become the hub of all your data and intelligence.

It can be a complicated process to make sense of all the different activity, but to find out how we do it for our clients get in touch or call 01844 273026.


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