Digital Marketing – The way forward or not?

Digital Marketing – The Way forward or not?

Last week, two events happened that made me think about how we market products or services, B2B or B2C. Firstly, I saw a great speaker, Grant Leboff who discussed the change in our behaviour from having a considerable attention span with limited media options to a society where we have multiple, immediate media channels but have a small attention span. The challenge for marketers and communicators is now how to get the message across in a way that those reading or seeing our activity will not have to spend time reading and taking the detail in.

The second event was receiving an email with a link to an article from PWC explaining how online ad spend was increasing. You can see the full article here.

This got me thinking, of course we all consume more digital media now and we all want access to up to date information from many different devices so we can read content anytime, anywhere. But what is happening is we are being bombarded with information that does not necessarily give is what we need and this will have a knock on effect, that being we become blind to any marketing.

This is where I think we are heading, so many organisations now feel that they have to send new activity out constantly and they are still working on the premise that they push information out.

What Grant went on to talk about was how to engage people and this is the key. It is not about pushing information out, it is not about telling people what you want them to hear, it is about listening to what they have to say and then engaging them in a solution.

This has not really changed for the past hundred years, what has changed is the way we engage and the digital world gives us a great tool to engage people but when used badly will drive people away.

What do you think?