Fact or fiction, what will the internet bring us.

I have often had debates with my friends about the visionary strengths of Gene Rodenberry, there are many aspects of Star Trek that are now common place in modern life, what else will he be proven to be correct on.

But he is not the only fictional writer who has seen what might happen and this is a point that Stephen Fry recently picked up on when delivering a talk at the Hay Festival. His focus was on the internet and the underlying message was “ignore it at your peril”.

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Now, like the majority of the population change does make me a bit nervous and I need to understand the change and its potential impact, whatever I am doing. However, I do like change, it invigorates life and provides new opportunities and the internet is possibly the biggest single change we have seen in our lifetime.

As we move towards the “internet of thing” and beyond, my view is we have still only scratched the surface of its potential and I agree with Stephen Fry that the greatest danger is those organisations who do not embrace it now. We must fully understand and explore the internet and continue to challenge how we use it to really understand the dangers.

And this is only one area of technological development, we haven’t really touched AI, remember Terminator.

So, my message is this, yes these developments might be scary and yes, it might take time to accept and adopt the change, but change it will and we need to embrace this change now to see the real benefits.

I wonder what technological development we will be talking about in another thirty years? Let me know.