GDPR does your organisation have the right approach.

GDPR does your organisation have the right approach.

This is the last time this year I will talk about GDPR, I promise.

As we move into 2018, the clock is ticking and most organisations are now planning their compliance with the new regulations. However, there are some that aren’t.

I read a document this week from Blackbaud, for those of you unaware, they are a major CRM provider in the third sector. The document is great and clearly identifies what charities need to do to comply. Importantly, this document can apply to commercial organisations as well. Yes, there are references to fundraising but the principles will apply to most organisations. Have a read of the document here.

One point that really stuck out to me, every organisation is different and accordingly the way they manage GDPR will be different and will need to be tailored.

Let me know what you think and I am interested in finding out what different organisations are doing.