Guess what the hot topic is this year – GDPR.

With 2018 under way, there are no prizes for guessing what the hot business topics will be for this year, GDPR. Outside of Brexit, GDPR is likely to be one of the main subjects discussed in the first half of this year.

With five months to go, organisations that have not addressed the requirements now are going to face an up-hill battle to meet the full deadline. The principles are the same irrespective of what size of organisation you are, the difference will be the time it will take to establish the structures and systems and ultimately bring your database up to date.

The biggest fear I hear from clients is “what happens if 95% don’t reply?” and the simple answer is you won’t be able to communicate with them. However, the chances are they would not have been engaged and will only have used up valuable resource. Concentrate on the 5% that are engaged and work to develop your relationship with them.

There is a considerable amount of information available, much of which will help and a good place to start is the Information Commissioner’s Office website This site gives a good overview and highlights what is needed. However, it is then important to apply this to your organisation and develop a plan to implement the changes, starting with appointing a Data Controller, who will then be responsible for implementing the systems throughout the organisation.

Over the next few weeks we will post various pieces of information on the regulations but if you want to find out more in the meantime call us on 01844 273026 or contact us.