How has Covid-19 changed our view of Social Responsibility?

Much has been said over the past year about the impact on society as a whole of the Covid-19 pandemic and as we reach the one year milestone since the pandemic was declared, there is increasing focus on the business community and what they can do, not just to help us recover from the lockdown, but to help society as a whole.

G.APP17, a platform that helps match a business’ strategic priorities with non-profit partners and projects produced a report that looks at how Covid-19 has changed our approach to social responsibility. So, when this report was published, we at CSR-A wanted to share it with all our contacts to show what is happening and why it is important to put social responsibility at the centre of your business.

CSR-A has been working with businesses to help them gain recognition for the work they do around social responsibility, not just around the support for charities, but also looking at the work undertaken with their workforce, the community and to protect the environment. Throughout the last year we have seen increasing numbers of businesses and membership organisations adopting proactive social responsibility strategies as a way of improving their business by supporting staff, communities and charities alike and contacting us to get training and accreditation for their business.

In the report G.APP17 decided to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic is having an impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and activities. They asked the question “Have priorities within the CSR space changed? And how are they currently being (re-)defined?”. So, to answer this question they approached UK businesses and professionals within the CSR space to get their response, to read more about this report have a look at the CSR-A website or to read the full report click here.

It is this analysis, along with many other reports that are behind the increase in demand for CSR-A’s accreditation and training. CSR-A helps organisations understand how they can put plan and implement a social responsibility (SR) strategy, using this to help improve the performance of the business, increasing profit, reducing staff attrition, raising the organisation’s profile. This is achieved by providing specific training courses, delivered by some of the leading global experts in social responsibility, developing SR strategies and accrediting organisations, allowing them to demonstrate to their market that they have reached a high standard of SR.

To find out more about what CSR-A can do for your organisation click here. Or if you want to speak to someone to understand more contact us.