Staff and marketing your most important assets

Creating a content, happy workforce is often a challenge. Often incentivising employees is seen as the best way but in reality are incentives what employees want or is there something else.

In my experience, creating an effective, content workforce is about a combination of elements, the key ones being;

  • Salary
  • Career path and opportunities
  • Working environment
  • Engagement
  • Work life balance

There are others, but these are the main areas that need to be considered when an organisation is aiming to create a strong workforce and not necessarily in that order.

Engagement with your staff is fundamental and needs to start from the point someone joins and continue throughout their career. Staff who feel that they are part of the process and engaged in developments are more likely to produce better results and less likely to rely on higher salaries as their main benefit.

On 29th November, Moorcroft solicitors are running a seminar that will cover a range of issues around identifying what staff want and how to best incentivise them, an element of which will be focusing on engagement.

To book a place on the seminar click here or get in touch with us and we can help out.



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