From the early days of “Customer Relationship Marketing” through to the latest “Customer Relationship Management” or CRM strategies and systems, one element has remained central, improve the quality of information held on your customers. With the number of internal systems that are used in a modern business, it is common to have multiple databases containing information on the same customer but without communication between either the systems or the users, the result is confusion both internally and more importantly with the customers.

Staying customer centric throughout each level of your business is vital to long term sustainability and CRM is at the heart of this work. With even more focus on the customer and their needs, development of the right strategy is becoming the critical focus of today. At EWO we have a dedicated and experienced team in developing strategy, management and implementation, who can help you to re-focus your priorities.

If you are thinking of implementing a new CRM system or need help in developing your customer strategy, it is essential to understand both your customers and your systems and processes. Centred around driving acquisition, communication development and customer retention, this approach will put your customers at the heart of everything your business does, ensuring regular communication and reporting is managed. In conjunction with our Change Management programme, we can help drive change with your strategy, in line with your business goals and create an effective internal communications strategy ensuring all of your employees get the most from the new CRM system. For more information and how we can improve your customer engagement, read our white paper here.

The CRM Development services we deliver are:

  • System Scoping
  • Business Case Development
  • Supplier identification and negotiation
  • Programme Direction
  • Change and engagement

We deliver projects and support across Bucks, Berks, Oxon, Thames Valley and London. To find out how we can help your business implement an effective CRM strategy contact us.


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