Marketing your way out of the crisis

Wow, what a first half, of the year that is.

We are already into the second half of the year and I don’t feel as though I have woken up properly.

With the first half of the year dominated by Covid-19, we are now into the next phase, how we all come to terms with trying to kickstart our lives and our businesses in the second half of the year.

For many of us the impact has been massive, businesses have slowed right down, some, unfortunately have had to close. As individuals, many of us have struggled both mentally and financially with the lockdown, being confined to a limited space and not having the human contact. On the other hand, others have enjoyed having the time to slow down a bit. For those of us who were used to commuting and working long hours, this has been an opportunity to have more time with our families whilst still continuing to be just as productive as ever.

As businesses look to re-start one of the key challenges will be adapting to all their teams needs, being more flexible to ensure those who need to get back to the business premises can and safely, and those who are happy to work remotely can continue to do so.

As important as their team will be where the business will get it’s customers from. The proactive businesses have continued to get their message out, even if they have been closed, making sure their customers haven’t forgotten them. Now they are able to increase their marketing, only needing a small increase, to continue making customers aware that they are now open and there to service their customers needs.

For those businesses who have not carried on their marketing, possibly because they have been completely furloughed, there is now a bigger challenge to kickstart and to get their customers back. Their challenge will be to ensure their marketing through on and offline activity is continuous and ensures that customers see the benefits of using them again. Digital channels such as social media, website and email activity can be done quickly and cheaply, so even small businesses can use these. But the marketing will need time and resource and where teams are having to deal with the logistics of opening up, marketing can slip to the bottom of the list.

Don’t let it, without customers, your furlough will turn into something more. Your marketing and sales activity is now more important than ever and is the only way a business will fight their way through the crisis and beyond.

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