Hay Festival and Stephen Fry
Fact or fiction, what will the internet bring us.

I have often had debates with my friends about the visionary strengths of Gene[…]

Solar Lamp through CSR
Solar lamp delivers change to transform African communities.

Sometimes I read an article or passage and just think “wow”. This was one[…]

Staff engagement and marketing
Team engagement starts early on.

Team engagement starts early on and I’ve had a couple of interesting meetings already[…]

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Digital Marketing – The way forward or not?

Digital Marketing – The Way forward or not? Last week, two events happened that[…]

Consultancy in the Thames Valley
Retail Pain or just change in buyer behaviour, it’s just change.

I was reading some retail headlines earlier this week that seemed remarkably familiar, retailers[…]

Committing to team engagement
Using Consultants in the Thames Valley to build your team.

Understand your weaknesses as well as your strengths. A couple of weeks ago I[…]

Fractional CMO
The lessons of a consultant in the Thames Valley.

I was at a business breakfast in Reading last week and learnt more in 1[…]

Nokia 3310
Retro is best – Nokia 3310 makes its return.

So I woke up to the news this morning and no mention of Donald[…]

Employee Engagement
The Role of a consultant.

I had a very interesting coffee with a colleague yesterday when we put the[…]

Employee Engagement
Engagement key for CRM projects.

I’ve just read an article by Jason Gibbs about why CRM projects fail and[…]

Staff and marketing your most important assets
Good communications don’t have to be long.

For the first time in ages, I have trawled the media and haven’t found[…]