Retail Pain or just change in buyer behaviour, it’s just change.

I was reading some retail headlines earlier this week that seemed remarkably familiar, retailers sales dropping, internet sales increasing. This got me thinking, many of my recent blogs have been focusing on change and engaging customers, yet some of the biggest brands on the UK high street, clearly don’t do this.

With some suggesting the internet is nowhere close to reaching its full potential I suspect there is still greater change to come in the retail world. More and more are using the internet to not just search but to make purchases yet the retailers still seem to push traditional models, cramming more products into limited space.

My view is that before too long, one of the major retailers will change their whole approach and develop “Experience Centres” for customers to visit, understand the brand and its values and try the products but not purchase. These centres will be an attraction not just a shop. Key to the success of these is the engagement and understanding from within, getting staff to buy into the strategy. With staff on board, they can become advocates and customers can experience the brand and then make the purchase decisions in the comfort of their own home.

Like all change this will take time and I believe the whole nature of retail will change.

Let me know what you think or get in touch.