Sport means good Communications

Sport means good Communications

Once again the summer holidays are almost over and I have that familiar set of feelings, firstly great, I can get back to a structured day and really get going. Secondly and probably worse, is that sense that my son is going back to school and I am going to lose the extra time with him.

But that is not the purpose of my blog, what has prompted me to write this is a breakfast meeting I am going to tomorrow. We have been asked to take an item with us that represents what is important to us in business and to me that was easy, a rugby ball.

The big question is why?

There are many reasons, firstly, I have played, coached and latterly refereed rugby for over forty years, so it is a major part of my life. It has given me a tremendous focus as well as a competitive drive that I believe is important for everyone.

But most importantly it is the lessons I have learnt and use in my work in business.most of which relates to communications in business, be that internal or external. Rugby teams are built on many different pillars, one of which is superb communications both on and off the pitch. Be it the coaching team working with a squad day in day out to give them the skills and mental focus to win, or the squad themselves on a match day, one thing is constant, they talk with each other and manage expectations in every element of their work.

The same should be true of business, not matter how large or small. If your communications are good, you will have a team that is not only engaged but one that will deliver their full potential. If you don’t have a strong communications structure and approach, your team will not be a team, but a group of individuals. The chances are they will not be fully engaged with the business objectives and will not be working efficiently, leading to lower productivity and reduced profits for the business.

The rugby ball to me is a reminder that if I want to achieve success I must communicate effectively and continuously with the team around me.

So my question to you is if you had assess your company’s communications, how would you rate them?

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