The Return of SMS as a marketing channel.

When social media hit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to mention a few, we all thought it would be the end of texting (SMS) and that SMS as a marketing channel would become a thing of the past. We were wrong, SMS has been more resilient and certainly in the third sector it appears to be making somewhat of a resurgence.

I do believe that this is reflective, in part, of the profile of the majority of people donating and volunteering who are 55 plus with a high percentage of retired people. On the whole, this group will not be as involved in social media but would be open to SMS. This recent report from Charity News seems to suggest that SMS is on the up, click here to read in full.

I believe this is an interesting development, not because I think it will see the end of social media as a channel, but that it raises two points. Firstly, we need to understand our audience and ensure we communicate with them on a platform that suits their needs not ours. Secondly, to ensure we stand out from our competition we need to be creative and innovative about how we communicate and market and this doesn’t necessarily mean using the latest channels, we can still use old channels, we just need to do it differently.

Let me know what you think?