Climate change, when has it gone too far?

Climate change, when has it gone too far?

For those of you who follow and actually read my articles, you will be well aware that over the years I have become more vocal about climate change and what is being done to try and halt the changes.

Well now, it has gone too far, and the great British beer is now under threat because hops, the ingredient that gives beer its unique flavour, are under threat.

They normally thrive in more humid conditions, but with conditions in the UK becoming drier, hop production is now under threat, ultimately threatening the future of the “Great British Pint”.

Fortunately, scientists who also enjoy the taste of our wonderful drink are looking at how they can isolate hop genes to make them more resilient to climate change. Fingers crossed they can, I cannot imagine going to my local and not being able to get a pint of ale.

Read the full article on the BBC site here.

Joking aside, this is a very real example of how climate change is impacting us all in day-to-day life. Over the past few years, a huge number of micro-breweries have been founded building an industry that has flourished and through our lack of urgency we are threatening this industry and the jobs that go with it.

Whilst it is wrong that we are in a position where we have to rely on science to help us out of this hole, we are lucky that there is some great science and technology that is being developed to provide different ways of producing the products our society demands in a low carbon way.

As businesses, one of the key ways we can reduce our carbon footprint is to look at reusing and recycling as many items as possible. The benefits can be considerable, not only will you reduce your costs, but you will also give the business some great messages to use in your marketing. In addition, in more and more cases if you are pitching or tendering for a project, evidence of your low carbon credentials are now required.

So, think about how your business can help to reduce its carbon footprint by making simple changes and next time you are in the pub buying a pint, think of what life would be like without some of the products we have come to love over the years.

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