Clear Communications – Will it solve everything?

Clear Communications – Will it solve everything? 

Well, it was going to happen at some point, I will enter the Brexit discussions, although not from a political perspective. My thoughts are very much from a communications point of view and the impact these have on people involved in a project.

Brexit is a great example of a lack of clarity causing confusion and having a negative impact. In any project, it is important to be decisive and ensure that all those involved clearly know what they need to do and the objectives of the project and where it is going. Brexit is a clear case of that not working, or certainly at the moment. Now, Teresa May is starting to give clear indication as to timing and the process and hopefully this will settle some nerves and allow the business community to move forward.

The PM in my opinion took over at a difficult time and whilst she needed to take time to consider the position and all its implications, she also needed to be strong and give clear direction to all those involved, the general population, businesses and politicians both in the UK, Europe and globally. Whether people don’t agree with her stance, they will at least know where the UK is heading and will be able to make decisions accordingly.

Business projects are no different, the worst approach a business can make on any decisions is indecisiveness. It is easier to get a team of people to commit to change if they know what is expected of them, even if they might not completely agree with the project itself. Without a clear direction, no business decisions can be made and opportunities can be lost.
So have the courage to make a decision, if it turns out to be the wrong one you can change it, but as long as you have considered your options trust yourself to make the right decision and communicate this to your team, you will be surprised, most people will support you.

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