Green Apple Environmental Awards It’s not just the corporates who win the awards!

Green Apple Environmental Awards, It’s not just the corporates who win the awards! In an age where the internet increasingly provides a platform for smaller organisations to get a bigger share of voice and compete with the larger firms, here is some great evidence to support the success of the smaller organisation.

At the recent Green Apple Environment Awards Digital Agency Studio Republic won the “Environmental Best Practice Awards” in recognition of its Ethical Design through Sustainable Consumption project. In winning this award they beat some significant corporate businesses from around the world. Studio Republic have grown by working with charities and not-for-profit organisations and have to continually look at ways to innovate and stay ahead, whilst staying true to their values and this project was a great example of how they developed an edge over the larger ones.

The Green Apple Environment Awards are a great example of how, not just ordinary people, but business as a whole is becoming more aware of our impact on society. The awards were established to not just recognise the businesses who do more but to encourage other business to change. I think Studio Republic’s award is a great example of just that, it shows that more businesses are becoming environmentally and socially aware and are doing more to change the way we all do business.

As well as the Green Apple Environment Awards, it is also worth looking at CSRA, which integrates environmental work with corporate social responsibility and is now giving organisations the recognition they deserve.

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