Legal Protection or Creative Restrictions?

Just as we are all catching our breath after GDPR and coming to terms with that piece of legislation, the next storm is brewing in Europe. This time, it concerns Copyright laws and content that is generated for the internet, but is this Legal Protection or Creative Restrictions?

In short, it looks as though the EU wants internet platforms to increase their protection of content by getting the platforms to change their algorithms so that any content that is being copied is blocked. The reason for the change in the law is a good one, it is to protect the likes Beyonce having their songs coped illegally. However, it will also prevent creative content creators using images and quotes to illustrate their point, according to the BBC this may prevent the creation of “memes”  and the likes, therefore curtailing the development of content and the freedom of speech on the internet.

Whilst I totally agree that we need protection for artists and creative groups to protect their content, we also need to allow people the chance to comment and develop opinions and this will often require the reproduction of other content.

One thing that makes our society rich and dynamic is the fact that we all have different views and opinions and if we try to restrict these, we will become much poorer for it. My advise to the powers that be in Europe and around the world is to use a bit of common sense and look at how these changes in legislation will be implemented and the impact it will have on the whole of society. I am sure we would all like to see a bit of pragmatism and you never know, it might even save some money for the government as well.

Let me know what you think.


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