Outsourcing, a swear word or perfect business sense?

The answer is, there is no right answer.  It depends on the structure of your business, what you are looking to outsource and the objectives of the business in the medium to long term.

We have been providing outsourced marketing for businesses for over 20 years and during that time, have worked for businesses large and small, sometimes as an extension to an existing team, managing the complete marketing function for the business, or, acting as a Fractional Marketing Director, that is part-time Marketing Director to most people.

For every client the reason for outsourcing was different and include;

  • Not wanting to take on another overhead
  • Resource needed to support your existing team immediately
  • Looking for growth but no budget or time to recruit a marketing team
  • Expertise required to work with existing marketing function
  • Expertise in a specific area such as CRM systems

In almost every previous case, our initial work ended in a longer term agreement, providing the expertise and resource to help the business grow and meet both their short and long term objectives.

In many instances outsourcing can cause issues with communication and quality, but that shouldn’t be the case. A good outsourced function will assimilate themselves with the business so that they are perceived as part of the business and not a different team. This can be readily achieved through good communications and regular contact with the client.

To find out how you can get senior expertise and a resource in place quickly to deliver your marketing let me know and I can explain how it works and see if it is the right model to suit your business.

We deliver marketing consultancy, resource and expertise across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire