If we wait it will be too late.

Climate change destroying homes across the Arctic

Past seven years hottest on record – EU satellite data

These are just two of the headlines on the BBC website today and it is no different to any other day on most media channels.

In a recent conversation with a senior member of the professional services sector I felt there was a real shift change that is leading the sector to work closely with their clients to ensure that the clients are working towards net-zero and in turn are monitoring their suppliers to do the same. The main reason for this shift change is legislation and financial.

Whilst legislation is changing and is slowly enforcing businesses to make the changes not only to ensure they are working towards net-zero, but also improving the level of support they provide their staff and community, this is a slow process. As a global community we cannot wait and it therefor falls on the business community to expedite this process to build a society that we are proud to leave for the next generation.

In having this discussion, along with many others, I have with similar companies, it strikes me that professional services firms have a real opportunity to lead the way. They are in a unique position to influence the direction of many businesses and not to do so would be a great lose.

 Often, what is needed is to be able to demonstrate that as a business you are “practicing what you preach” and this involves engaging all your staff and suppliers alike. One way to achieve this is through accreditation. CSR Accreditation (CSRA) doesn’t just give you a badge to say you have ticked that box, it gives you a vehicle to engage all you staff and facilitate change throughout your organisation and wider community.

 The difference with CSRA compared to other accreditation schemes is it is people focused and straight forward to complete, avoiding alienating staff. Most importantly it also gives all staff the chance to get involved and help improve the business performance as well as benefiting all those around them. To find out more about CSRA visit their website www.csr-accreditation.co.uk or to gain more information on the accreditation process register your interest here.

 The question is simple, do you want to be responsible for playing a part in building something special, or be totally driven by profit and put the health and lives of others at risk, I leave it to you.

 If we wait it will be too late.

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