Brexit – Doom and gloom or Glass half full.

Interestingly, Brexit has not been the only topic of conversation over the last week, thank goodness for the Euros, Wimbledon, Silverstone and the Tour de France.
However, we have to acknowledge the impact it is having already, but from all my conversations with colleagues, clients and other professionals, it is clear that it is not the “doom and gloom” that the press would have us believe it is.
Yes there are sectors that are becoming very cautious, however there are also some areas that are looking at a “boom” period and with the sharp decline of the Pound, manufacturing in the UK has suddenly becoming more attractive and I suspect over the coming twelve months will see a revival again.
But it is not just these predictable areas that are looking positively at the coming months, there are a lot of businesses that are gearing up to be proactive in pushing themselves, both to UK and foreign markets. One thing is certain, we are not shutting up shop just because of Brexit, therefore we need to keep doing business and now need to be even more competitive, both in our product and service offering and in how we communicate and market to our customers.
My view is in three years’ time we will still be part of a European trade area, they cannot afford to lose us and we cannot afford to lose them. What the structure will be I can’t say, but there will be compromise on both sides, there always is.
What I can say for certain is those businesses who invest now in product development and marketing to stay ahead of the competition, both local, in and around Bucks, Berks and Oxon as well as the South of England and foreign, will be the ones that benefit, whatever the agreement we end up with.
I would like to know more about how your business is adapting to “take on the world” so let me know.