Doing the right thing is good for business, but how?

Throwing litter would not normally be seen as a good way to promote the services of a business, but in some cases it can be.

Whilst sending letters is not always seen as an effective and environmental marketing activity, sending letters that have been written on plantable paper that will grow into wild flowers, helping the environment can gain increased engagement and responses from your target audience.

Not only that, but like wild plant seeds, which will keep re-flowering, your marketing can sow the seeds of long-term success.

Marketing is about promoting a brand and the services or products you offer but increasingly, every business has to be aware of the impact it has on the environment, the community and its staff. The activity can be used to create positive messages in your marketing and ultimately enhance your brand.

Plantable letter paper is just one example of how doing the right thing can be good for your business. EWO, a leading marketing consultants in Bucks, is all about working with you to identify the best message to promote your business whilst doing the right thing for the environment and community around you and identifying the best way to deliver this message.

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