An extra pair of eyes on a problem can make all the difference.

It is often the case that a second pair of eyes looking over an issue can help find a solution. It can be someone totally unrelated to the project who has a different view or someone who asks the right questions to lead you to find a solution.

At Eyes Wide Open, we provide that extra pair of eyes and a clear view of your #marketing and #csr (Corporate Social Responsibility)

As one of the leading marketing consultancies in the Thames Valley, we have been working with businesses and charities for over twenty years, supporting them in their growth.

We work with you to review your marketing, including an audit of your current activity to identify what is working and where there are areas for improvement.

The result of the review will be:

👍 1. Recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing
👍 2. Increase the return on your marketing investment (including a ROI report template)
👍 3. A marketing strategy that will allow you to deliver your marketing to meet your long term business objectives.

In addition to marketing consultancy, we also work with businesses to help them establish CSR frameworks and integrate these into the business marketing strategy. A CSR framework will enable a business:

  • Build its brand, doing good is good for business
  • Recruit staff more easily
  • Retain staff and increase productivity
  • Tender and pitch for more projects
  • Produce ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting as required

To find out how we can be “the extra pair of eyes” and help your business grow and meet your objectives or establish a CSR framework get in touch. Email, or call on 07900 580407.

We provide marketing consultants Bucks marketing consultants Berks and marketing consultants Oxon throughout the Thames Valley.