Outsourcing – Cost cutting or driving growth for your business? But what is it?

Outsourcing, historically that has meant using call or data centres in the far east to handle volume activities at a low cost. However, it can also provide a business with a flexible resource that can be increased or decreased as required, helping the business grow without a massive increase in overheads.

It is now possible to outsource most business functions, not just the historical call handling or data processing. As a marketing services business, we have been providing outsourced marketing functions for over twenty years. This can include providing a complete marketing team from execs to directors, or adding additional resource or expertise to your team to help with specific projects that can include:

  • Scoping and implementing a new CRM platform
  • Managing a rebrand or development of a new website
  • Working with your team to develop a long term marketing strategy

Outside of the marketing function it is possible to outsource almost every business function including:

  • Business Development
  • Finance and accounts
  • Administration
  • HR
  • IT and systems development

In fact, the only element that cannot be outsourced is the initial idea and the drive for growth, that has to come from the core team.

Remember, that if you do outsource one or more of your business functions, operationally they can deliver superb results, but what you may lack is the drive for success, especially if you are using a large outsourcing business. Using a smaller business that is passionate about supporting their clients will have a better chance of delivering strong results.

Ultimately in the current economic climate, outsourcing is a great way to grow whilst minimising your costs.

To find out about outsourcing your marketing please contact me owen@ewo.uk.com or call 01844 273026.