Supporting Charities, a nice thing to do or good business sense.

Over the last twenty years, I have become more and more passionate about businesses giving back to the community and in later years, putting into place CSR (Corporate, Social, Responsibility) frameworks. Such frameworks will also enable businesses to provide accurate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) reporting, much of which is becoming required by law.

But whilst my main aim now is to see businesses playing their part in protecting the environment and our communities, my initial interest was far more commercial.

As a young marketing manager, I developed a loyalty programme that included an article on the support the company gave to a national charity.  The engagement we received  was phenomenal. At that moment, I realised that doing good made good business sense and meant we didn’t have to communicate a hard sell message, but create better awareness to tell our customers and prospects what we were doing to give back, it really was that easy.

Ever since that day, whenever I have been advising businesses on their marketing strategy, it invariably will include at least at element of CSR. For large businesses this can be on a national level, but it is equally important for smaller regional businesses. Remember, you don’t need to be donating hundreds of thousands of pounds, what you need to be doing is showing you care. This can be achieved in many different ways.

Over the past two years I have given up my time to support a local charity, Community Impact Bucks, as a trustee. Whilst this does not cost me in £, I give up my time to help them, which in turn helps the wider community in our area. If you have a small team, consider giving your team the time to volunteer and then tell your customers about the work they are doing.

The important factor is you then need to communicate the work you have been doing and importantly, tie it in with the company values and work and it becomes a soft sell.

So, having been a marketer first and foremost, my growing passion for CSR has helped enhance the advice and impact I can offer on the success and growth of my clients.

Doing good really can be good for business.

If you want to know more about how to develop and integrate a CSR framework into your marketing please email or call  01844 273026.