Another pairs of eyes can make all the difference

In everything we do both in our work and private lives we come across challenges that we might not know how to get over. We can sit there “banging our heads against a brick wall” for hours if not days and still find we are no closer to a solution. Often the best way to overcome this type of situation is to talk the challenge through with someone one step removed, to get another pair of eyes on the challenge. Often a second, more objective pair of eyes will be able to work through the challenge and build a solution quickly.

The same can be said for most business challenges. It is not uncommon for managers to need to develop a solution or plans for a specific issue and rather than engage with other people to develop the solution they spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to work it out and may, even then, not have the best result.

Using resources and expertise outside of your business can be hugely beneficial in many ways but most importantly:

  • Bring additional expertise and experience into your business without the need to recruit a full-time member of staff
  • Provide extra resource to your team on a short-term basis without having to increase your overheads
  • Deliver a flexible resource that can be scaled up or down as needed

Having delivered outsourced marketing consulting and management for over twenty years, one of the main areas we work with our clients in is to work with the business to understand what marketing activity is needed to meet their business goals. This work will include:

  • Full audit of all marketing activity including on and off line
  • Review of target market including competitors
  • Development of long-term marketing strategy
  • Identification on what resources are needed to deliver marketing
    • Budget
    • Time (people)
    • Structure
    • Partners/Suppliers

In undertaking this type of project, we provide the “Extra Pair of Eyes” that the business needs to succeed, delivering objective and creative marketing plans. It is worth noting that in some cases the recommendations are not what is expected, or what is “wanted” by the business, but in every case it is “what is needed” by the business.

This is one of our differences, with over twenty years experience delivering marketing consultancy in Bucks, Berks, Oxon and across the Thames Valley and UK, we believe we are the right people to advise our clients. Whilst sometimes it can be a bitter pill to swallow, it is always the right thing for our clients.

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