Social Responsibility
The Green History

This is the transcript from a Facebook message, i don’t have the link but it is definitely worth reading,[…]

Extra pair of eyes on your marketing
Zero plastic is a long term opportunity to increase sales.

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog and having had a hectic summer it is about[…]

Apple, the end of an era or a new beginning.

In every business, anywhere in the world, one element of success is the ability to continuously evolve to meet[…]

Employee Engagement
The strongest leaders will admit what they don’t know.

I recently shared a post on Linkedin about Amy Golding, CEO of Opus Talent Solutions. The link was an[…]

Customer Loyalty
Hot weather hits retail sales!

Hot weather hits retail sales! This headline goes against what has historically happened in the retail trade when the[…]

Corporate Social Responsibility
Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme, says a lot about the companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to most people means donating money to charities, possibly through doing a challenge event, be[…]